Thursday, 25 April 2013

“Spring Breakers” star Selena Gomez performs “Come & Get It” on “Dancing With The Stars”

 “Spring Breakers” actress Selena Gomez gave an amazing performance of her new single “Come & Get It” as she took the stage of “Dancing With The Stars” on Tuesday (April 16, 2013). Going for a Bollywood theme, the “Love You Like A Love Song” crooner, who recently announced her first ever world tour kicking off on August 4, stunned in a sexy purple crop top with a flowing skirt. Miss Gomez also wore a Bindi on her head while belting out her newest number one tune.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Avril Lavigne all smiles on the set of her music video for “Here's to Never Growing Up”

Photo via Pinterest.
Avril Lavigne was photographed on the set of her new music video for “Here's to Never Growing Up” in Los Angeles on Sunday (April 7, 2013). The 28-year-old songstress was joined on set by her fiancĂ©, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, who acted as moral support. Avril Lavigne looked pretty beautiful in a mint-green frock that she teamed with rhinestone-adorned fishnet stockings. The “S8er Boi” crooner accessorized with a pair of red pumps, which she then switched for black fuzzy boots. She completed her appearance with a crown sitting on top of her head and heavy eye makeup.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Penn Badgley sings sweetly in the trailer for his new film “Greetings from Tim Buckley”

“Gossip Girl” hunk Penn Badgley has unleashed his voice in first trailer for his new film “Greetings from Tim Buckley.” According to Opera, the upcoming movie will be available to watch on demand on April 16th 2013 and will be in select movie theaters this month. Penn Badgley, who is joined on the cast by Imogen Poots and Ben Rosenfeld, sings sweetly and looks the part of a young Jeff Buckley in the just released trailer.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Brittany Snow performs with her "Pitch Perfect" cast mates at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Brittany Snow was photographed arriving at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards at Sony Pictures Studios on Sunday evening (April 14). The 27-year-old star, whose film "Pitch Perfect" earned four nominations at the event including Best Female Performance, looked stunning as she posed on the red carpet. She opted a navy mini dress with funky shoulders for the show, where she performed with her cast mates an original mashup of songs, including Miley Cyrus' "The Climb," " Eminem's "Lose Yourself," Macklemore's "Thrift Shop and Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire." Follow me on Twitter for more pictures of the show.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Candice Glover stuns all four judges on the April 10 episode of “American Idol”

Candice Glover stunned Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Keith Urban as she belted out “Love Song” during the Top 6 Performance Show of American Idol in Los Angeles on Wednesday (April 10, 2013). She gave what the judges called one of the best performances in the singing competition’s history. “On behalf of all my judges let me say that was one of the greatest performances in the history of 12 years of American Idol,” Randy Jackson said. By the end of the iconic hit, all four of the judges were on their feet. During the show, 23-year-old singer Candice Glover sang another track  “Don’t Make Me Over” and also got a standing ovation from all the judges.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Selena Gomez denies the theory that “Come and Get it” is about Justin Bieber

Photo source: Tumblr
Selena Gomez had an interview on “On Air With Ryan Seacrest, where she denied that her new song “Come and Get It” is about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.  "Honestly, to be 100 percent real, it's not really about a specific person," the “Spring Breakers” actress said. "The reason why I wanted this to be the first single was because it exudes...confidence and strength and that is something I'm willing to share with the world.” The new track, which Miss Gomez's scheduled to perform at the MTV Movie Awards, combines a bhangra beat and vocal with a club-ready vibe and a dreamy bridge.

Friday, 5 April 2013

National Anthem - Lana Del Rey

In my opinion, “National Anthem” is one of the best songs from Lana Del Rey’s second studio album “Born to Die.” The single, which is co-written by David Sneddon of Fame Academy passim, ties together elements of alternative hip hop, indie pop and baroque pop. Throughout the song, Lana Del Rey delivers her lyrics like she's puckering up for a big fat kiss. The video for the track, directed by Anthony Mandler, features rapper A$AP Rocky playing the part of a young commander in chief while Lana Del Rey takes on both Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O. Albeit, a very loose-hipped, dancing version of the First Lady. Please tweet this post if you love the song.

National Anthem

Money is the anthem
Of success
So before we go out
What's your address?

I'm your National Anthem
God, you're so handsome
Take me to the Hamptons
Bugatti Veyron

He loves to romance them
Reckless abandon
Holding me for ransom
Upper echelon

He says to "be cool" but
I don't know how yet
Wind in my hair
Hand on the back of my neck
I said, "Can we party later on?"
He said, "Yes, yes, yes"

Tell me I'm your National Anthem
Ooh, yeah, baby, bow down
Making me so wow, wow
Tell me I'm your National Anthem
Sugar, sugar, how now
Take your body down town
Red, white, blue's in the sky
Summer's in the air and
Baby, heaven's in your eyes
I'm your National Anthem

Money is the reason
We exist
Everybody knows it, it's a fact
Kiss, kiss

I sing the National Anthem
While I'm standing over your body
Hold you like a python
And you can't keep your hands off me
Or your pants on
See what you've done to me
King of Chevron

He said to "be cool" but
I'm already coolest
I said to, “Get real,"
“Don't you know who you're dealing with?
Um, do you think you'll buy me lots of diamonds?”

Tell me I'm your National Anthem
Ooh, yeah, baby, bow down
Making me so wow, wow
Tell me I'm your National Anthem
Sugar, sugar, how now
Take your body down town
Red, white, blue's in the sky
Summer's in the air and
Baby, heaven's in your eyes
I'm your National Anthem

It's a love story for the new age
For the six page
Want a quick sick rampage?
Wining and dining
Drinking and driving
Excessive buying
Overdose and dyin'
On our drugs and our love
And our dreams and our rage
Blurring the lines between real and the fake
Dark and lonely
I need somebody to hold me
He will do very well
I can tell, I can tell
Keep me safe in his bell tower, hotel

Money is the anthem of success
So put on mascara, and your party dress

I'm your National Anthem
Boy, put your hands up
Give me a standing ovation
Boy, you have landed
Babe, in the land of
Sweetness and Danger
Queen of Saigon

Repeat Chorus

Money is the anthem
God, you're so handsome
Money is the anthem
Of success

Money is the anthem
God, you're so handsome
Money is the anthem
Of success

Thursday, 4 April 2013

FOX debuts the first look at documentary about Rihanna's "777 Tour"

Photo via Opera.
The FOX Network has just released a sneak preview of Rihanna's 777 tour in November 2012 with quick glimpses at RiRi on stage, backstage and the situation on the plane. The new documentary will air on May 6th 2013. The concert tour, which hit seven countries in seven days with seven shows to promote her seventh album, was highly criticized as journalists complained about poor conditions, no rest, and very little time with the singer herself. Did you go to her concert last year? Let's share your thoughts about the her concert tour with me on Twitter.